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About Katrin Muir Lau – B.A., M.A., CEP

In her position as College Counselor and Director of College Counseling at independent schools, KATRIN MUIR LAU has advised international families, guiding students around the world through college applications to England, Scotland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Norway, Singapore, Japan, and Australia among others, all with very different procedures. Mrs. Lau also guides top athletic recruits, coordinating the efforts of students, parents, and coaches to navigate NCAA eligibility requirements and achieve their athletic aspirations.

As the daughter of seasoned college consultant Judy Muir, Katrin Lau has been exploring college locations and the application process for decades.  Family vacations provided an opportunity to visit yet another college campus along the way, and dinner conversation centered on the nuances of a campus or a college’s decision to admit or deny.  Lau’s educational and professional journey has kept her focused on seeing beyond the obvious and communicating with meaningful detail.

With a degree in Art History, she has worked at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., as well as at Sotheby’s Auction House in both Washington, D.C. and New York City. She has also created an inter-disciplinary/project-based Art History Curriculum and matched families to homes and antiques through Christie’s international offerings.  Lau has brought these skills into the arena of college counseling as a colleague with her mother.   

As an artist, published photographer, art historian, and former varsity athlete, Mrs. Lau’s counseling combines her expertise with personal understanding of how students must craft their story to gain a seat at the college that will provide the best fit.

A graduate of Southern Methodist University where she presented on Admission Panels for applicants, Lau holds a Master’s Degree from The University of Texas at Austin, plus a Graduate Certificate in the American Decorative Arts Program from Sotheby’s, New York City.  She holds certificates for further study of College Admission through the Harvard Summer Institute, College Board, IECA Summer Training Program, and The University of California.  She sits on the National Advisory Board for The Fiske Guide to Colleges and is a member of NACAC, TACAC, a Professional Member of IECA where she has served on National Advisory Boards, and a Certified Educational Planner.

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